A heart of Goodness

A heart of Goodness 

5000 kg of biscuits to the children of Sierra Leone  

A container with 4,968 kg of biscuits for infants, corresponding to 110 thousand portions of 45 grams each, was donated by the Nuova Industria Biscotti Crich Spa Zenson di Piave  for a project against child malnutrition in Sierra Leone.

The shipment of the cargo has been carried out  on November 19th; the cookies arrived at their destination in Africa a few days ago.
The biscuits - rich in iron, calcium and vitamins - will be distributed directly to the children by the missionaries of Murialdo and Missionare of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who operate since many years in Sierra Leone, a country ravaged by a terrible civil war that lasted from 1991 to 2002,  which resulted in 80 thousand 40 thousand dead and mutilated, not to mention the involvement of child soldiers in the conflict.

The donation of the company Crich has resulted in a project against child malnutrition in Sierra Leone, sponsored by the Italian non-profit organization  Around Us, newly established, which is also part of the Nursing Home John XXIII Monastier. For several years a group of volunteers in collaboration with the Italian missionary Father Maurizio Boa - is engaged in the "reconstruction" of that African country.

Over time, the volunteers have contributed to the creation of the necessary infrastructure to three villages (equipping primary school, a mill, a threshing floor and a warehouse for cereals), the construction of a church, a modern vocational school and a health center for pregnant women in the town of Kissy. Now the time has come to help the mothers to feed their children by giving them the right amount of nutrients for healthy growth of the younger generation. 
Crich has therefore thought to do what they do best: giving biscuits, in the production of what they are the masters.

Il Gazzettino di Treviso - estratto da pag. XIII / mer 19.12.12 - di Federica Florian


If you want
to help 

For those wishing to give help to the mission of Father Maurizio, here as follows the coordinates:


causal "Murialdo home", or postal account number 68817899,

IBAN IT94Z0760102000000068817899
causal again "Murialdo Home"


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