Research and Development



Research and Development

Per sviluppare un nuovo prodotto ci vuole intuizione e competenza

Ingredienti di qualità Creatività

Ideas and Innovation Product

Our team of experts is constantly working for the product and process innovation, analyzing the market and looking for new ideas and solutions to meet the expectations of even the most demanding end users.  




Development of a product

To realize an idea, after careful analysis and controls we proceed with the production test.

The obtained samples will be tested and evaluated. Probably there will be corrections and the test itself must be repeated one or perhaps several time until the complete satisfaction of the team expectations has been reached.

When a new product comes successfully to life  you can see the effectiveness of the close interaction between different skills working together to achieve one common goal.









 3Innovative Technology        

With the aim to improve its offer and to be more competitive in the markets, the company is engaged in investing significant resources in the technological innovation of the plants and know-how of its team.               



Special attention is also addressed to the packaging. In its packaging, the company seeks to convey its principles of traditionalism as well as to pay special attention to the environment, proposing different solutions completely recyclable. 




All our commitment

To offer you sweet and salted goodness  and to make your moments of break more enjoyable.


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